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Lesson 24 你吃了早饭来找我

Lesson 24 Come Meet Me After You've Eaten Breakfast

Li Jun: Hey, Zhang Hong, it's me. Zhang Hong: Li Jun, have you eaten (yet)?
Li Jun: Not yet. I just came back from playing basketball. I want to go the the dining hall to eat some dumplings. Are you coming?
Zhang Hong: No. Today is Xiaomei s twenty-third birthday. Our dorm is having a party.
Li Jun: Really? Then wish her Happy Birthday (for me) .
Zhang Hong: Today we made a lot of good things to eat. I've already had a bowl of noodles and drank a glass of wine. Now, I'm eating ice-cream. Why don't you come join us?
Li Jun: Never mind. You girls are having fun together. Why would I go? Do you (all) have other plans for this evening as well?
Zhang Hong: We're planning to go sing Karaoke together.
Li Jun: Go have a great time and come back a bit earlier, not too late.
Zhang Hong: Don't worry. That's right, tomorrow's the start of another weekend. Where are we going to go (to have fun) ?
Li Jun: I heard that the exhibition at the arts museum is pretty good. How about if we go see it?
Zhang Hong: OK, I don't have any objections (to that). Come meet me after you've eaten breakfast, OK?
Li Jun: All right. We'll meet tomorrow at 8: 30 at the entrance to your dorm okay? .
Zhang Hong: All right. So what are you going to do tonight?
Li Jun: Chat with friends on the internet. See you tomorrow! Zhang Hong: See you tomorrow!
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