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Lesson 22 He's Got a Cold

Mary: Teacher, David can't make it to class again today.
Teacher Liu: Oh? Is he sick?
Mary: Yes, he has a cold. He's got a headache, fever, and a bit of a cough.
Teacher Liu: How did he catch a cold?
Mary: The day before yesterday, he went to watch a soccer match. On the way back it was raining and he hadn't brought an umbrella, so he caught a cold.
Teacher Liu: Has he been to the hospital to see a doctor?
Mary: Yes, he has. The doctor said it was a cold and gave him a prescription, and a shot as well. The doctor also said it would be best if he rested for a day. Here is his written request to be excused from class. Teacher Liu: OK, got it. Thanks.

Request for Leave

Hi! to really so, but I've come down with a cold. I've got a headache, fever, cough and just don't feel well at all, (so) I can't make it to class. I'd like to request one day of leave; I am hoping you will grant it.

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