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L6我说中文 I speak Chinese

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Learn Chinese for Beginners:Countries & Languages|Learn Chinese Online在线学习中文| L6我说中文 I speak Chinese

📝Practical Mandarin Chinese Lesson with Useful Chinese Words and Phrases. This Lesson is designed for Beginner Chinese Learners on HSK1 Level.
Countries & Languages in Mandarin Chinese.

📝Improve your Mandarin Chinese Speaking and Listening skills with new Chinese Words and Phrases:
✍Where are you from?你来自哪儿? (Nǐ láizì nǎr?)
I am from......: 我来自....(Wǒ láizì.....)

✍I speak....: 我说.....(Wǒ shuō....)

✍What language can you speak?
你会说什么语言? (Nǐ huì shuō shénme yǔyán?)

✍What language do you want to learn?
你想学什么语言? (Nǐ xiǎng xué shénme yǔyán?)

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[ Learn Chinese Online/ 在线学习中文/ オンライン中国語学習/ 배우다 중국어 온라인/ Aprender chino online/ Aprenda chinês online/ Chinesisch lernen online/ चीनी ऑनलाइन सीखें/ เรียนภาษาจีนออนไลน์ ]
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