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L17 我想买一辆新车Learn Chinese Adjectives

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📝Practical Mandarin Chinese Lesson with Useful Chinese Words and Phrases. This Lesson is designed for Beginner Chinese Learners on HSK1, HSK2 Level.
Learn Chinese for Beginners: Learn Chinese Adjectives | Learn Chinese Online 在线学习中文 | L17 我想买一辆新车

📝Improve your Mandarin Chinese Speaking and Listening skills with new Chinese Words and Phrases:

📖Chinese Adjectives:
新 new 旧 old
贵 expensive 便宜 cheap
多 many, much 少 less, few
大 big 小 small
高 tall 矮 short
胖 fat 瘦 thin
明亮 bright 灰暗 dark
热 hot 冷 cold
长 long 短 short

✍请问,您要买车吗? Excuse me, would you like to buy a car?
您觉得这辆车怎么样? What do you think about this car?
我想买一辆新车。I want to buy a new car.
这辆车多少钱? How much is this car?

✍请问,你的学校有多少人? May I ask, how many people are there in your school?

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