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L29我的书在哪儿 Where is my book?

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Chinese Conversation for Beginners:在: in, at, on|Learn Chinese Online在线学习中文|L29我的书在哪儿 Where is my book?

📝Practical Mandarin Chinese Lesson with Useful Chinese Words and Phrases. This Lesson is designed for Beginner Chinese Learners on HSK1 Level.
在: in, on, at
哪儿: where

📝Improve your Mandarin Chinese Speaking and Listening skills with new Chinese Words and Phrases:
我的书在哪儿? Where is my book?
你的书在桌子上。Your book is on the table.

我的笔在哪儿? Where is my pen?
你的笔在椅子上。Your pen is on the chair.

我的表在哪儿?Where is my watch?
你的表在书柜上 。Your watch is on top of the bookshelf.

我的伞在哪儿?Where is my umbrella?
它在你的椅子下面。 It's under your chair.

我的手机在哪儿?Where is my mobile phone?
它在我的背包里。It's in my backpack.

我的自行车在哪儿?Where is my bicycle?
它在饭馆儿外面。It’s outside the restaurant.

钱在哪儿? Where is the money?

他们在哪儿? Where are they?
他们在...They are in...

厨房 kitchen
客厅 living room
饭厅 dining room
书房 study
卧室 bedroom
浴室 bathroom
后院 backyard
房间 room
房子 house

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