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📝Practical Mandarin Chinese Lesson with Useful Chinese Words and Phrases. This Lesson is designed for Beginner Chinese Learners on HSK1 Level.
Date, Day, Week, Month, Year in Chinese | Learn Chinese Online 在线学习中文| L12 今天几月几号? What is the date today?

📖How to express the date in Chinese:
今天几月几号?What is the date today?
今天七月三十一号。It is July 31st today.

📝Improve your Mandarin Chinese Speaking and Listening skills with new Chinese Words:
-年 year /去年 last year /今年 this year / 明年 next year
-月 month /上个月 last month / 这个月 this month / 下个月next month
一月 January /二月 February /三月 March /四月 April /五月 May /六月 June /七月 July /八月 August /九月 September /十月 October /十一月 November /十二月 December
-昨天 yesterday /今天 today /明天 tomorrow
-星期日 Sunday =星期天 Sunday /星期一 Monday /星期二 Tuesday /星期三 Wednesday /星期四 Thursday /星期五 Friday /星期六 Saturday

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