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L19 我学中文,也学日文Learn也 (yě) in Chinese Conversation

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Chinese Conversation: Learn也 (yě) in Chinese Conversation | Learn Chinese Online在线学习中文|L19 我学中文,也学日文

📝Practical Mandarin Chinese Lesson with Useful Chinese Words and Phrases. This Lesson is designed for Beginner Chinese Learnerson HSK1, HSK2 Level.

📝Improve your Mandarin Chinese Speaking and Listening skills with new Chinese Words and Phrases:

[ Mandarin Chinese Phrases]
我学中文,也学日文。I learn Chinese, also learn Japanese.
我们唱歌儿,也跳舞。We sing, also dance.
他看电视,也看电影。He watches TV, also watches movies.
陈伟喜欢写字,也喜欢画画儿。Chen Wei likes writing, also likes painting.
Koch 先生喜欢游泳,也喜欢打篮球。Mr. Koch likes swimming, also likes playing basketball.
Marilia 和Tina喜欢一起吃饭,也喜欢一起喝酒。Marilia and Tina like eating together, also like drinking together.
Mary 说中文 ,也说德文。Mary speaks Chinese, also speaks German.
Ted 工作,也上课。Ted works, also attends classes.
他们喜欢旅游,也喜欢购物。They like traveling, also like shopping.
小山去学校,也去图书馆。Xiaoshan goes to school, also goes to library.
我们吃饭,也喝酒。We eat, also drink.

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