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How to Ask Questions in Chinese: What, When, How, Where, Why, Who

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Asking Questions in Mandarin Chinese: What, When, How, Where, Why, Who | Basic Mandarin Chinese Question Words | Learn Chinese Online 在线学习中文

📝Practical Mandarin Chinese Lesson with Useful Chinese Words and Phrases. This Lesson is designed for Beginner Chinese Learners and Intermediate Chinese Learners on HSK1, HSK2, HSK3 Level.
📖 How to Ask Questions in Mandarin Chinese
📖 Basic Mandarin Chinese Question Words
📖 Wh questions in Mandarin Chinese

📝Improve your Mandarin Chinese Listening and Speaking skills with Chinese Words & Phrases & Conversation Examples:
📖 什么 (shénme): What
📖 什么时候 (shénme shíhou): When
📖 怎么 (zěnme): How
怎么样 (zěnmeyàng)
怎么了 (zěnmele)
📖 哪里 (nǎlǐ) / 哪儿 (nǎr): Where
📖 为什么 (wèishénme): Why
📖 谁 ( shuí/shéi): Who

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