How to Order Coffee in Chinese?

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Want to order coffee in China?actually it’s very simple! What you need are the following 5 steps and when you say it, try to make your request clearer, I’m sure you can get what you want!
想在中国买一杯咖啡? 实际上,非常简单!你只需要以下5步,当你买咖啡的时候,尽量说得清楚一点。我相信你一定能买到你想要的!
1.When you walk into a shop, waiter/waitress will ask you “what would you like to drink?” 当你走进一个咖啡店,服务员会问你:Nǐ yào hē shénme?你要喝什么?Then you can answer like this:你可以这样回答: Wǒ yào yì bēi kāfēi。我要一杯咖啡。I would like a cup of coffee. A cup of is 一杯,and you can put other names of drink after it, 你可以在‘一杯’后面加别的饮料名称,比如说,like 一杯绿茶(a cup of green tea),一杯啤酒 (a glass of beer)。

我 要 一 杯 + 咖啡
(I)(Want) (a cup of ) + (name of drink)

Then you may ask what’s the name for various kinds of coffee, let’s take a look! 你也许想知道别的咖啡的名字怎么说,我们一起看看吧!Kǎbùqínuò/卡布奇诺/Cappuccino, nátiě/拿铁/Latte, mókǎ/摩卡/Mocha, měishì/美式/Cafe Americano, jiāotánɡmǎqíduǒ/焦糖玛琪朵/Caramel Macchiato, Yìshì nónɡsuō/意式浓缩/Espresso
Now, you can tell the waitor, 现在你可以告诉服务员‘我要一杯拿铁。’

2. How to say hot/cold/iced? 怎么说‘热的冷的冰的’?
热的hot,冷的cold,冰的iced. For example, 我要一杯冰的摩卡。

3. Which cup size do you want? 怎么说你要多大杯?
This is how the waitor ask服务员会这样问你: 你要大杯的还是小杯的?(Large or small?) You can answer你可以这样回答: dàbēi de, xièxiè!大杯的。谢谢!Or 小杯的,谢谢。

4. Drink here or take out? 在这里喝还是打包?
Waitor: Zài zhèlǐ hē háishì dài zǒu /dǎbāo?服务员:在这里喝还是带走?(Drink here or take away?) 在这里喝还是打包? You: zài zhèlǐ hē,xièxiè!你:在这里喝,谢谢! (I want to drink here, thank you!) 打包,谢谢!(Take out, thank you!)

5.Payment: Yíɡònɡ duōshǎo qián?一共多少钱?(How much in total?) Or you can just say 多少钱?(how much?)

Now I bet you know how to order coffe in Chinese. If you still have questions, we are happy to help you! Want to watch more videos, please check our website! See you next time!

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