How to Learn Chinese Characters by Associative Memory

Welcome to Hanbridge Mandarin live classroom. Today we are going to learn some interesting Chinese characters and daily expressions by associative memory method with our Hanbridge Mandarin teacher Julia. In this video, Julia will tell you how to learn some Chinese characters or expressions by associative memory, such as pictures or combination. For example, Chinese characters “日” or “月’ (sun and moon), its original style of written come from the shape of the sun and moon. And another example, Chinese character “明”, it put“日and “月” together, which means “bright”.

Are you interested in learning Chinese characters after you watch the video? Hanbridge Chinese characters course is designed for you to learn more Chinese characters. Our professional teachers will introduce some more interesting methods to learn Chinese characters easier. Our virtual Chinese learning classroom will help you to learn Chinese characters with our professional teachers by internet instantly.

Do you want to have a try? Check out, you can get more information about learning Chinese characters.
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