Learn Chinese Through Song - 无与伦比的美丽 (Incomparable Beauty)

Welcome to watch Hanbridge Mandarin course: Learn Chinese Through Song. Today Chinese teacher Lily would love to share a little Chinese love song for you, called “incomparable beauty无与伦比的美丽”.
It is performed by a popular Chinese band called Soda green, the songs of them are often described as gentle and soft, and now I will sing one part of it first.

Okay, we will learn this part word by word, it totally contains only 4 sentences,
the first one
天上:sky 风筝:kite 在天上:in the sky ,飞:fly
So, together : 天上风筝在天上飞the kite is flying in the sky.
Next, it’s the second one
So, together : 地上人儿在地上追 the people are chasing after it on the ground

Okay that’s all the first part of the song “incomparable beauty无与伦比的美丽” , you can find this song in a Chinese KTV or sing it to someone you are really fond of in order to represent your love. We will the left part next class
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