Basic Chinese Lesson: Common Chinese Measure Words

A lot of Chinese learners told me no matter how long time they have been learning Chinese, Chinese measure word remains still mysterious for them. The reason why they had this feeling is that measure word in Chinese is a totally new concept, which you can’t find any reference in other languages. So I make videos to introduce the most common Chinese measure words.

‘gè个’ is the first measure word you learn, and truth is when the Chinese kids start to learn the language, it is also the first measure word they learn. gè refers to human being, as in one person is ‘yí ge rén’, also you can add the nationality, for example: yí ge Zhōngguó rén一个中国人 (a Chinese), liǎng ge Měiguó rén两个美国人 (two Americans).
When you buy things
1. fèn 份: refers to one portion of food or multi-page documents.
2. bēi 杯/ píng瓶 = cup, glass/ bottle, yì bēi /píng shuǐ 一杯/瓶水(1 glass/bottle of water)
3. zhāng 张:refers to flat thing that are made of wood. (piece of ticket, paper, tables, chair, CDs)
4. shuāng 双: refers to things come in pairs (pair of chopsticks, pair of shoes, etc.)
5. kuai 块: is the unit for RMB.
This is probably the most common one in everybody’s life.

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