Learn Chinese Culture- Special Food for Chinese Spring Festival

Do you like Chinese food? When mentioning Chinese New Year food, what would first come into your mind? This year 2017, the Spring Festival falls on Saturday, Jan. 28th. The most common Chinese New Year food includes dumplings, fish, rice dumpling, and rice cake.

Having dumplings together expresses people's hope for the new year. Family sits together and makes homemade dumplings and eats dumplings at the midnight of New Year’s eve. This moment is considered to be one of the happiest moment of the Chinese New Year!

And Chinese new year fish is a must-have dish in the reunion dinner for every family. Another popular New Year must-have dish is rice Dumpling, in the north China it is called元宵, and people in the south call it汤圆. The last New Year food is rice cake, also called new year cake, and年糕in Chinese.

So, which one is your favorite? As the Chinese New Year is approaching, I want to wish everyone Happy New year! 新年快乐!春节快乐!

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