Learn Basic Chinese: How to say “I do not understand” in Chinese

To all the Chinese Learners, 听不懂 tīng bù dǒng is a very useful and common phrase and every Chinese beginner needs to learn.

When you do not understand something, you will default to saying 听不懂 tīng bù dǒng. However, it does not help in all situations. If you say "我听不懂",the native speaker will think you do not understand Mandarin Chinese at all, not like you do not understand the particular thing.

But, what if you just do not fully get the meaning of the speaker, like missing one word, concept, or maybe you just didn't hear clearly, what should you say?

Today our Hanbridge Mandarin professional Chinese teacher lilian will teach you the better ways to say "I don't understand" in Chinese.http://www.hanbridgemandarin.com/article/daily-chinese-learning-tips/say-i-dont-understand-in-chinese-like-a-native/

1. wǒ bù mínɡ bɑi ; wǒ bù dǒnɡ ; wǒ bù zhī dào
我不明白; 我不懂;我不知道
2. duì bù qǐ , wǒ bù dǒnɡ nǐ de yì si
bù hǎo yì si , wǒ méi tīnɡ qīnɡ chu
4. nǐ ( ɡānɡ cái / ɡānɡ ɡānɡ ) shuō shén me ?

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