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​This is another beautiful song from Teresa Teng! I love it so much! And there is something I like to share. I like Teng and her songs so much, and I think her songs are good for learning Chinese too. That’s why I share her songs with you guys who are serious about learning Chinese here. But today there was a Chinese guy who is a Chinese teacher left a comment on my post, he said, “ Your voice is so terrible, please don’t destroy Teng’s song!” I have never said that I have a beautiful voice, and I think that I am trying to let more people know Teng instead of destroy her songs. After all, I posts these things on FB for free, and I don’t expect that you have to be nice to me, but please don’t be mean either. Please keep one thing in your mind. Your words shows what kind of people you are. Be nice and kind. Thanks! . 💗

About 了le and 的 de, they were sang as liao and di in the original song, probably because of rhyme. So I sing as the original song but wrote it as 了le and 的 de. .

Měi jiǔ jiā kāfēi
Beautiful wine with coffee .

wǒ zhǐ yào hè yì bēi
All I want is just to have a glass of it .

xiǎng qǐ le guòqù
Thinking of the past .

yòu hē le dì'èr bēi
I am drinking the second one again .

Míng zhīdào àiqíng xiàng liúshuǐ
Know clearly that love is like the flowing water .

guǎn tā qù ài shéi
Who cares about who he loves .

Wǒ yào měi jiǔ jiā kāfēi
I want beautiful wine with coffee .

yì bēi zài yì bēi
one glass and another .

Wǒ bìng méiyǒu zuì
I am not drunk .

wǒ zhǐ shì xīn'ér suì
just my heart is broken .

Kāifàng de huāruǐ
Blooming little flower .

nǐ zěnme yě liú lèi
why are you crying too​
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