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Lesson 3 Full TEXT Explanation

In this lesson, you get to see a very thorough and clear explanation on the warm up part and texts from the official HSK 3 Text Book

You will learn more than exam-oriented contents because I also offered authentic language use from a Chinese person's perspective.

The keypoint of this lesson is about nouns of locality such as in, on and at.


Nihao Chinese is a fun Mandarin learning channel hosted by Chinese native Eddie G :)

I upload new videos every Thursday and Sundays.

Leave your comments and let Eddie know what you want to learn in the upcoming videos.

Nihao Chinese provides the most practical and down to earth Chinese language contents based on daily life.

As Teacher.Eddie always lectures you hard-working Chinese learners, Shú Néng Shēng Qiǎo :) = Practice makes perfect

[汉语艾迪 ChineseEddieG]

Instagram: @eddie_koo

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