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Grammar| 于(Preposition- in, on, from, for, than)

Chinese Grammar HSK5: 于(Preposition- in,,on, from, for, than)

Study notes:
这家公司成立于1997年。成立于:founded in
这种药主要用于感冒的治疗。用于:used for
济南的泉水,来自于济南市以南的广大山区。来自于:come from
运动有助于健康。有助于:helpful to
李明半年没找到工作了,没办法,只好求助于当经理的老同学王峰了。求助于:ask help from
队员们都认为对方的水平远远高于自己。高于:higher than
So, 于 this character could be" in, for, from, to, than" in English. Did you get it?

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