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Lesson 52 The Great Wall 2

Chinese Lover








刘:那可不行。小杰,我跟你说,长城是国家重点保护文物。这里同时可以走五匹马、十个士兵呢。 `














Great Wall B

Xiaojie: Come on dad, hurry up!

Huang: Xiaojie, slow down a bit.

Xiaojie: Dad, look how the Great Wall is built on the mountain and goes higher and higher.

Huang: Isn’t it beautiful – rising and falling, like a dragon.

Xiaojie: It is beautiful, even better than the Great Wall I’ve seen in photographs.

Huang: Come on, let’s keep climbing up, the view’s even more beautiful up there.

Xiaojie: Dad, the top of the Great Wall is really wide, we could have a party up here.

Huang: I don’t think so. Xiaojie, the Great Wall is a protected National Heritage site. Up here five horses and ten soldiers could stand side by side.

Xiaojie: Dad, come and have a look at the huge bricks of the Great Wall. How do you think they moved these bricks up here? They didn ’t have any trucks, so it would have been so hard to move the bricks here.

Huang: There weren’t even roads up here on the mountain, not to mention trucks. The highest mountain here is over 1000 metres, all the bricks were carried up by man – one by one.

Xiaojie: The ancient Chinese were really something, I’m already tired. Hey, do you think anyone ’s ever walked to the end of the Great Wall?

Huang: Sure, some people have walked from Shanhai Guan all the way to Jiayu Guan.

Xiaojie: How long would that take?

Huang: You’d walk for at least two months.

Xiaojie: Oh, that long, I wouldn’t be able to walk that far. Dad, the two passes, or “guan”, you just mentioned are the two ends of the Great Wall, right?

Huang: That’s right, how did you guess?

Xiaojie: Guess? I looked it up on the internet. It also says on the internet that one end of the Great Wall is in the sea.

Huang: Well, aren’t we serious?

Xiaojie: Of course. Our teacher wants us to write an essay on the Great Wall.

Huang: Xiaojie, look, there are even people up there, let’s climb up and have a look. Let’s have a race to see who can get to the top first!

Xiaojie: I’ll win for sure!


1)至少 at least


To take a taxi from here to the airport, it needs at least 80 RMB.


It seems that he's at least 50 years old.

2)刚才 just now, just then


What did you say just now? I didn't hear clearly.


Why didn't you mention this thing before? Why are you only saying it now?

3)了不起 extraordinary, amazing


He's so small, yet he already speaks two foreign languages. It's really amazing.


To build the Great Wall 2000 years ago is an amazing achievement.

Sign Posts

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China extends more than 6000 kilometers. It was first built over 2000 years ago, then repaired and rebuilt several times at different stages in Chinese history up to the Ming Dynasty, around 600 years ago. So the wall is not one complete line, but a series of walls that follow the same general path. Some areas are easily visible, some have been restored to their former glory, and others are almost completely buried or destroyed.

The Wall was built for national defense, to keep invaders out of China on its northern boundary. There are high towers wher fires would be lit to send signals warning of invasion. Horses and men could then be moved quickly along the wall to counter the attack. Passes were also built through this artificial barrier. The Juyong Pass near Beijing is one among them. You drive past this on your way to Badaling, which is the most common site to visit. These parts of the wall date to the Ming Dynasty and have been restored to their original condition. While they are now maintained as a tourist destination, the authorities are eager to preserve the wall. For example, there is a pass through the wall which is only enough for one car lane, yet strict regulations will not allow this pass to be widened. There are several places wher you can see the wall in its unrestored state, for instance at Jiankou, one of the most secenic stretches of Great Wall around Beijing. It is known as the most photographed stretches of Great Wall. However, getting there is difficult, almost impossible without a car and an experienced guide. Because most of the wall here is in ruins, the climb itself is extremely dangerous. After all, the wall follows a path right over the mountains, not around them. But if you want to see the real thing, this is as real as it gets! #

There is a saying in China: 不到长城非好汉 implying that one is not a hero 好汉unless he has climbed the Great Wall. 非 means 不是. 非好汉 you’re not a hero unless you visit the Great Wall. Even for international tourists, this is a must-see location in China.

Substitution and Extension

1)像……一样/似的 just like, similar to


She looks really cute when she smiles, just like an angel.


He's already 30 years old, but when he speaks, he is just like a child.