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Lesson 43 Take a Bus

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Xuemei: Sorry to trouble you, we want to go to Beijing Concert Hall, which bus should we take?

Pedestrian: Beijing Concert Hall? Oh, that’s pretty far from here.

Xuemei: There must be a bus that goes there.

Pedestrian: There is, but you have to change buses. First you take the bus, then change to subway.

Xiaojie: What number bus?

Pedestrian: you can take either the 323 or 718.

Xuemei: Xiaojie, help me remember this, in case I forget.

Xiaojie: Sure.

Xuemei: wher do we change to the subway?

Pedestrian: Get off at Gongzhu Fen, then change to the subway.

Xiaojie: Which subway station do I get off at?

Pedestrian: You get off at Xidan station, then ask around.

Xuemei: Thank you.

Xiaojie: Mom, the bus station is here, come over.

Xuemei: All these different buses stop here.

Xiaojie: the bus is here, hurry.

Xuemei: Hey, slow down, you don’t know which way the bus is going?

Xiaojie: It’s the 718, we can get on the bus first.

Xuemei: That won’t do, we’ve got to ask first. (asks a person waiting for the bus)Excuse me, does this bus go to Gongzhu Fen?

Person waiting for bus: To Gongzhu Fen? No, that’s the opposite direction, buses going to Gongzhu Fen leave from across the road.

Xuemei: Thanks!( says to Xiaojie)see, it was wrong. Thank god we didn ’t get on that bus. My instinct was right!

Xiaojie: Just as well we didn’t do what I said. In a while we have to take the subway too, we’d better not take it in the wrong direction.

Xuemei: I’ve taken it with your aunt before, there’s definitely no problem. But remember Xiaojie, no matter what bus you take in the future, it pays to ask around, so you don’t take the wrong one.

Xiaojie: OK, I got it. Mum, the bus across the road is here, let’s run for it!


1)免得 to avoid something


You should bring a map so that you don't get lost.


It would be best for you to call home, so that mother doesn't become anxious.

2)多亏 fortunately


Fortunately, we reserved a hotel in advance. Otherwise, we wouldn't even have a place to stay.


Fortunately, I wore a sweater. Otherwise I surely would have caught a cold this time.

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Taking a bus in China is an interesting experience you should at least try once. There are nice air conditioned buses with soft seats and lots of space, then there are the super crowded ones wher people are packed in like sardines. But no matter how packed the buses are, people still manage to get on and off when they need to.

On most buses, the driver doesn’t handle fares and tickets. That’s done by an attendant who sits near the door. Longer buses will have a second attendant at the back. If you don’t have a monthly pass, you will have to buy a ticket after boarding the bus. Hold on to the small ticket receipt as proof of purchase.

once I was on a bus that was so crowded I just didn’t think it would by physically possible for me to reach the ticket attendant. So I said to myself, forget about it, I’m only going a few stops anyway. Sure enough, there was a ticket inspector waiting for me when I got off. It just goes to show you, being too crowded is not an excuse for not buying a ticket. I had to pay a fine.

Note that when we ask for bus numbers in Chinese, we don’t say 几号车. We say 几路车. This specifies that you are asking for the route number, not the license number of a particular bus.

Because there are so many people, most buses will stop at every stop. You don’t have to ring a bell to get off, or wave your arms to flag down a bus. 

Substitution and Extension

1)不管……都 no matter what


No matter how tired, I still want to climb the Great Wall.