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Lesson 4 Taxi Receipt

Chinese Lover


1)往 towards, indicating a direction

(例)往 towards, indicating a direction (标题)


(例)Please keep going straight.


After you pass the traffic light, turn left.

2)一直 all along, to show an action has been continuous


These few days, the weather has been cold all the way through.


After you pass the intersection, keep going south.

3)落 to lose or misplace something


The book bag was lost in the car.


When you get out of the car, take a good look around and don't forget anything.

4)记得 to remember


Do you remember the car number of the taxi?


I don't remember his telephone number anymore.


Hotels in China

There are several different words for hotel. 饭店 is the most common term, but sometimes this word is also used for restaurants. 宾馆, guest house, is also common, as is 大酒楼 or 大酒店. Note that although they use the word 酒, wine, these shouldn't be translated as "great wine building". This is just one of those terms that has been passed down, and changed meanings over time. 饭店 and 大酒店 are usually large, fancy hotels. 宾馆 could be large or small. 旅馆 guesthouse, would be smaller and more inexpensive. 招待所 are often guesthouses that belong to a certain government department, large company or factory. Sometimes these are for internal use only.

涉外宾馆 or 涉外饭店 are terms to describe hotels that are mainly for foreign tourists. 涉外 is to involve, or relate to. 涉外, concerning foreign affairs. Most tourist hotels take both Chinese and foreign nationals nowadays, but sometimes the cheapest, lowest quality accommodations do not have a license that permits them to take foreign tourists.

As for tipping, this is sometimes accepted in China, but much more rarely than in the West. Taxis, for example, do not expect a tip. Nor do you leave a tip in a restaurant. In the tourism industry, many businesses like hotels and fancy restaurants will charge a service fee, usually 15%. In this case, you certainly don’t need to leave a tip.

If you do choose to give a tip, it won’t always be refused. But it is your own choice and, in the vast majority of situations, is not expected.

Substitution and Extention

1) S+把+O+V+ something else


Show me your passport.


He broke the hotel glass.


Xiaojie:wher’s my bag?

Xuemei:Which one?

Xiaojie:The one with the camera in it?

Huang:The bag was still there when we got off the plane.

Xiaojie:That’s right, the bag wasn’t part of check-in luggage, I’ve been carrying it with me!

Huang:Then you probably left it in the taxi.

Xiaojie:Yes, because the seat was so small, I put the camera in the back.

Xuemei:Oh no,you’ve brought your forgetful habit to China.

Xiaojie:Mom, there is even film in the camera.

Staff :Excuse me,do you need help with anything?

Huang:It’s like this,one of our bags may have been left behind in our taxi just now.

Xiaojie:It’s a camera bag.

Staff :What sort of taxi?Do you remember the taxi number?

Huang:No, do you remember?

Xuemei:I only remember it was green.

Staff :Don’t panic, come in and sit down, we’ll think of something.

Xuemei: Thank you!

Staff :Sir, it’s alright if you don’t remember the taxi number. You still have the taxi receipt, right?

Huang:The receipt?

Staff :It was given to you with the change.

Huang: Is this the one?

Staff :This is it. You see the receipt has the phone number of the taxi company, as well as the taxi’s number plates.

Xuemei:This means we can find that taxi.

Staff :We’ll give the taxi company a call right now.

Staff :Hello!It’s Mingyue Hotel here. We have three guests who just arrived in one of your taxis. They may have left a bag in the taxi.

Wait a moment, please. (To Huang) You better talk to him.

Huang:Hello. The number plates are BAF123.

Yes, from the airport to the hotel.

Great, thanks!

Xiaojie:What’s happening?

Huang:They need to contact the taxi driver. They’ll call us once they know something.

Xiaojie:Now we have to wait again!