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Lesson 3 Take a taxi

Chinese Lover


1)还有 also, in addition

(例) 他会说法语、英语,还有汉语。

He can speak French, English, and Chinese.

(例) 这种衣服的颜色很多,有红色、蓝色、还有黄色。

This clothing is very colorful, there is red, blue, and there is yellow.

2)一……就……,indicates that one event follows immediately after the other


As soon as you arrive in Beijing, give me a call.

3)离 from


It's not too far to our house from here.


From now to the time the plan takes off, there is about 10 minutes.

4)都 here is used for emphasis, like "even" in English


(例)I can't even understand one word of what he is saying.


(例)I don't even know one of your friends.


Taxis in China

Taking a taxi in Beijing is relatively straight-forward. Taxis are clearly marked, with roof lights as well as special paint jobs. Most taxis are red, but different companies sometimes use different colours. Regardless, a legitimate taxi should be clearly marked, and have an official, working meter.

You should never have to negotiate the price of a taxi trip. Instead, you should insist on 走表 use the meter. The only exception is if you are going to be travelling far out of the urban area, or reserving the car for a whole day. For example, if you take a taxi all the way to the Great Wall, you might negotiate a flat fare in advance.

There is no tipping for taxis. You simply pay the fare listed on the meter, and you should be given a printed receipt. The only extra charges are for road tolls, like on the airport expressway. Even then, you should be given the receipt that shows the exact amount of the toll.

If you ever have a problem with a taxi, just write down the taxi number that is listed on the inside and the outside of the car. Taxis are very strictly regulated, and all complaints are taken seriously. In fact, if the driver sees you writing down the number, that's usually enough to solve any problem right away.

In my experience, the vast majority of taxi drivers are honest and hard-working. It's a very tough job.

Substitution and Extention

1)正在……indicates something is just happening


We are right in the middle of learning Chinese.

2)就……了 indicates that something will happen soon


We are going to be in China in just one hour.


The plane will get off soon.


Driver:Hello! Welcome to Beijing!

Huang:Put the big suitcases in the back, we’ll carry the smaller ones.

Driver:Sir, where are you going?

Huang:Mingyue Hotel.

Driver:Mingyue Hotel?Is that around the Summer Palace?

Huang:That’s right. It’s not far from there. I have the detailed address for Mingyue Hotel, have a look!

Driver:Oh, I know.

Huang:Entrance to north fifth ring road! You can get on the fifth ring road from here?Xuemei, there’s now a fifth ring road?

Xuemei: Yes, Beijing has changed so much.

Driver:Yes, there’s even a sixth ring road now.

Xiaojie:Is this near the Great Wall?

Driver:That’s right. Take this exit and you can get to the Badaling Great Wall.

Driver:Is this your first time to Beijing?

Xiaojie:It’s my second time,I came here once when I was very young.

Driver:Well, your spoken Chinese is really good.

Xiaojie:Thank you,I’m studying it now.

Driver(to Mr Huang)Are you Chinese?

Huang:I was born in China, then I went to the United States. I haven’t been back for quite a few years.

Driver:Well, you should take a good look around. There have been so many changes in the past few years.


Xuemei:Excuse me,are we near the Mingyue Hotel yet?

Driver:Soon. Just take the exit ahead and make a left turn. The hotel’s just past the traffic lights.

Huang:There are so many fly-overs nowadays.

Driver:There’s still not enough, if you ask me. There wouldn’t be traffic jams if we had more fly-overs.

Driver:Here we are!

Huang:How much is it?

Driver:That’s 96 Yuan including the freeway toll.

(Huang gives the driver 100 Yuan,Driver gets change and tears off a receipt)

Driver:Here’s your change. Don’t forget your luggage!

Xuemei:Thank you!Goodbye!

Driver:You’re welcome! Bye!