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Lesson 23 Peking Duck

Chinese Lover


1)光顾着only pay attention to one thing


He was only paying attention to watching TV and forgot the departure time.


He was only paying attention to buying things when he was at the airport and he missed his plane.

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Peking Duck

Peking duck has a history of well over 1000 years, and is known all over the world. One reason Peking duck is so different from any other kind of roast duck is the duck itself. Ducks headed for Peking duck restaurants are force-fed a rich diet to make them fatter than most ordinary ducks. Then, before cooking, air is pumped under the skin to more or less separate it from the meat. Finally, the duck is glazed with oil, sauce and molasses, which gives it the bright red colour when it is cooked. Before being put in the oven, the duck is half filled with hot water to keep it from drying out, then roasted for about 40 minutes. Even the type of wood used to heat the oven is special. Jujube, peach or pear tree wood is best, giving off little smoke and emitting a pleasant, sweet smell.

The duck is usually brought to your table whole, then sliced in front of you. The carcass is then taken away to prepare the duck soup that will finish off the meal.

To eat Peking duck, you take a thin pancake, spread some of the thick sauce on it, followed by thin slices of onion and cucumber. Finally, the meat goes on and the whole package is rolled up to make it easier to hold in your hand. Like hotpot, eating Peking duck is a very hands-on experience.

Substitution and Extension

1)边…边…(边吃边说) both actions are happening at the same time


He often listens to music while he's driving.

2)……不说,也/还……apart from one characteristic, there are other characteristics


Not only beancurd is tasty; it's also good for your health.


The scenery there is beautiful, but, in addition, the transportation is also convenient.

3)连…带…(连皮带肉)two things or actions together


May I ask including food and accommodation together, how much money will it be per day?


Having roast duck

Cousin: Renhao,how have you been recently?

Renhao: Cousin,I’m doing well. What about you?

Cousin: Fine. Are you free this week? I’d like to take you and your family to Quanjude for roast duck.

Renhao: Sure. That’s great! I ’ve always wanted to take Xue Mei and Xiao Jie. They haven’t been there before.

Cousin: That’s great! How about Saturday night?

Renhao: Sure! See you on Saturday night at “Quanjude”. Be there or be square.

Cousin: Hello!Hey, wher’s Xiao Jie? Why isn’t she here?

Xue Mei: She really wanted to come, but there’s something on at school. She couldn’t make it.

Cousin: It’s a shame to leave Xiao Jie out.

Renhao: It’s all right,we’ll bring her here next time.

Xue Mei: What are all these dishes?

Renhao: Got you, eh? This is duck liver, duck heart and duck tongue.

Cousin: Come on! Let’s talk as we eat.

Xue Mei: Are all the roast ducks here cooked freshly to order?

Cousin: Yes. All the ducks here are roasted in a hanging oven.

Xue Mei: Hanging oven roast duck?

Renhao: It’s wher the ducks are hung and roasted over a fire beneath.

Cousin: Come on! Don’t just talk,have some food.

Xue Mei: Thanks,I’ll do it myself. I hear that Beijing roast duck is made from special ducks.

Cousin: Yes,these ducks are called Beijing ducks. They’re different from other ducks.

Renhao: It’s not only the ducks that are different,but also the way they ’re fed is quite special, too. Look! The roast duck is coming.

Xue Mei: It’s already sliced. Hey! How come there’s so much skin on the duck. There seems to be some on every piece.

Cousin: Beijing roast duck is very particular about the “pian” technique.

Xue Mei: “Pian” technique? So it’s not real. It’s “pian ren”, or a fraud.

Cousin: No,no,you’ve got it wrong. The “pian” I meant is “pian” as in one slice, two slices. It means to slice.

Xue Mei: I get it! You had me worried for a second.

Renhao: If the roast duck is sliced properly,every piece should have some skin and meat.

Xue Mei: Let me see! Hey, that’s really true. You eat first,I’ll watch how you eat it.

Renhao: OK, I’ll demonstrate. First you take a roast duck pancake,put some scallions on it, spread some sweet bean sauce,then put on a few slices of roast duck and roll it.

Xue Mei: Let me try.

Xue Mei: This is delicious!I’m going to have another one.

Cousin: Have as much as you want!