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Lesson 22 Having Dinner

Chinese Lover


1)到底 really, after all


What time are we going to the Forbidden City after all?


Were our tickets reserved after all?

Substitution and Extension

1)V…+齐了, everything is prepared


We can leave now; everybody's here.

2)V…+不过来an action can not be entirely completed


There are so many tasty dishes; I simply can't eat all of them.

3)V+错 an action hasn't been done correctly


He wasn't careful and he took the wrong piece of luggage.


Man: The cold dishes are here. Let’s start. The spicy sliced beef and tendon here is really tasty. Try it.

Xue Mei: It looks very appetising.

Woman: Yes. It looks really good!

Man: It tastes even better. You can substitute tea for wine, and let’s drink a toast,to friendship.

Xue Mei, Woman: OK. To friendship!

Man: They're a bit slow with the hot dishes. Waiter,can you hurry our order please?

Woman: They have so many guests. They can hardly cope.

Xue Mei: It looks like Chinese people love Sichuan food very much.

Man: Most people like the flavours of Sichuan food. It’s very popular. Our food is here.

Waiter: That’s everything you ordered. Please enjoy your meal.

Man: Thank you.

Xue Mei: I can’t possibly eat any more. I’m full up to here,full!

Woman: “Full”. That’s a good description.

Xue Mei: I’ve been eating so much every day since I came to China. I’m starting to worry about my weight.

Man: Did you eat Chinese food often in the US?

Xue Mei: Not often. Sometimes we’d go to Chinatown for Chinese food.

Woman: When I was studying overseas, I used to eat in the Chinatown quite often as well. The Chinese food there is mostly southern style.

Xue Mei: Chinese food is very greasy, but Chinese people aren’t fat. Why is that?

Woman: Maybe because the Chinese are more active. There are more people riding bikes and walking.

Man: I think this is a complicated question. Whether Chinese food is greasy and whether the Chinese are really fat, is worth thinking about.

Waiter: 160 yuan all together.

Woman: Let me see the bill. Eh? Why does it say three beers here? We only ordered one bottle.

Waiter: Please wait a moment. I’ll go and ask.

Xue Mei: Why do you call getting the bill “maidan”?

Man: It actually comes from Cantonese.

Waiter: Sorry,I made a mistake. Here’s your new bill.

Woman: That’s more like it.

Man: Here’s the money. Please give me a receipt.

Waiter: Sure!