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Lesson 21 Reservation

Chinese Lover


1)什么都 whatever


The things there are all expensive.


I don't want to buy anything.

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Styles of Chinese Cooking

There are many different styles of Chinese cooking and it can be hard to generalize.

Cantonese food, from the south of China, tends to put a great deal of emphasis on fresh ingredients, quickly cooked and lightly seasoned. Northern cooking styles tend to have much stronger, salty flavours. Northerners tend to prefer large, hearty portions while the food in Shanghai is known for being delicate, light and sweet.

Some parts of China, especially Hunan and Sichuan provinces, are known for hot, spicy food. Coastal areas, especially, love to eat fish and all forms of seafood. Further west, especially along the silk road areas of China, the food is closely related to Middle Eastern styles, with lamb being the main form of meat. Wheat products, like noodles, steamed or fried breads and dumplings are common in the north and west of China, while rice is the main staple in southern China.

Some people divide Chinese cooking into 4 styles, others say 8, still others say 10. And that's still not including ethnic styles like Korean or Muslim cooking, both of which are widely available in China.

No matter wher you're going, trying the local food should be one of the highlights of any trip to China.

Substitution and Extension

1)还没…呢an action has not yet occurred


He hasn't come off the plane yet.

2)每…都… every, each and every one


He's been to each and every park in Beijing.



Colleague1: It’s time to go home. Xuemei, Xiaoli, the weekend starts today. Let’s have dinner together. It’s my turn to pay.

Xuemei: That’s wonderful. Why are you so generous today?

Colleague1: Xiaoli is our new workmate. We haven’t gone out for around together yet.

Xuemei: That’s right. Xiaoli, what kind of food do you like?

Colleague2: Thank you. You are very kind.

Coleague1:Do you both like spicy food?

Colleague2:I don’t have a problem. How about you Xuemei?

Xuemei: I’ll eat anything. I like all Chinese food.

Colleague1: Then we’ll go to a Sichuan restaurant near the entrance.

Colleague2: The one near the office entrance?

It’s popular these days. There’re so many people.

Colleague1: We’ll make a reservation now.

Colleague2: I can make a reservation. I often go there.

Colleague2: Hello, is this the Sichuan restaurant?

We’d like to book a table for tonight.

Waiter: Hello. For how many?

Colleague2: Three. Do you have any small VIP rooms?

Waiter: The VIP rooms are fully booked.

Colleague2: In the main dining room, somewher quiet.

Waiter: Could I ask for your surname please?

Colleague: My surname is Li. We’ll be there around 6:30.

Waiter: Miss Li, we’ve reserved table 16 for you around 6:30.

(Sichuan restaurant)

Waitress: Welcome! How many are there in your party.

Colleague1: Three. We’ve already booked, table 16.

Waitress: This way please.

Waitress: Here is the menu.

Colleague1: Have a look at the menu and see what you’d like to eat.

Colleague2: You do the ordering. Everything is OK.

Xuemei: That’s right. You order. You’re so good at it.

Colleague1: OK. We’ll order some cold dished first.

Sichuan pickles, spicy sliced beef and tendons. Then, we’ll have a few hot dishes.

Is there anything you don’t eat, Xuemei?

Xuemei: I don’t like stuff like pigs’ trotter and pigs’ head.

Colleague1: OK. I know. Spicy pork shreds and Kungpao chicken. We also want to have a Mapo spicy tofu. There are all typical Sichuan dishes.

Xuemei: How many is that? Is that enough?

Waitress: Hot and cold dishes- altogether that’s five.

Colleague1: Five dishes? That doesn’t sound good.

We’ll have anther one, spicy cucumber. Lucy six dishes.

Waitress: Would you like some wine with that? Soft drinks?

Colleague1: I’ll have a beer. What about you? Have some bear?

Xuemei: I’d like some chrysanthemum tea.

Colleague1: Make the beer a cold one.

Waitress: Please wait for a moment.