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Lesson 17 Morning Call Service

Chinese Lover


1)超过 in excess of


To protect your eyes, you shouldn't watch TV more an hour a day.


The number of foreign tourists visiting China this year has already exceeded the number last year.

2)会something will happen


I've already phoned him. He will come today.


How could he possibly know about this thing?



In future, you can contact us directly.


This time we are going to go directly to Shanghai from Hangzhou. We are not going back to Beijing.

4)终于 something has finally happened


We finally have climbed the Great Wall.


We've finally come to Beijing.

Substitution and Extension

1)千万 no matter what


When you ride your bike, be sure to be careful.


Whatever you do, don't forget to bring your passport.


Huang:Hello! We’re leaving tomorrow. When is the latest time I could check out?

Front desk:Before noon tomorrow, you’ll be charged half a day’ s room rate after 12.

Huang:But I can only leave after 1’O clock tomorrow, what should I do?

Front desk:You can check out before 12, but leave the luggage with the concierge.

Huang:Great! That’s what I’ll do!

Huang:One more question, can I come a bit earlier tomorrow morning to get the bill?

Front desk:Sure.

Huang:We need to check it.

Front desk:Sir, your room number is…?

Huang:rooms 918 and 1179, we need to check out of both rooms.

Front desk:We’ll have the bills ready for you tomorrow morning.

Huang:Thank you! Another thing, we’d like to have breakfast in the room tomorrow mornings.

Front desk:Not a problem, you can ring housekeeping to order breakfast just by dialing “8” on the room phone, or you can book here.

Huang:Oh, we’ll also need a wake up call tomorrow.

Front desk:Yes, what time?


Front desk:The room number is 918?

Huang:No, it’s room 1179, please don’t forget.

Front desk:Wake up call for room 1179 at 7 tomorrow morning.

Huang:Thank you!

(Back at the room, Xuemei is in the room)

Huang: Xuemei! Everything gets fixed!

Xuemei:We’ve found our apartment, we finally have our own home in Beijing.

Huang:We need to pack up everything today, we better not leave anything behind.

Xuemei:Mainly Xiaojie’s stuff. Why don’t you give her a call, ask her to get organized.

Huang:You should check on her in her room, give her a hand.


Huang:Don’t forget to tell her to come over for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Xuemei: OK.