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Lesson 15 Fitness Center

Chinese Lover


1)完全 completely


I absolutely agree with your viewpoint.


I don't understand that sentence at all.

2)什么的 and so on


He is interested in Chinese culture. He likes Chinese calligraphy,

Chinese painting and so on.


We've been to many cities in China before, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and so on.

3)以为 mistakenly believe something


His Chinese is really good. We all thought he was Chinese.


I thought it was going to rain today, so I brought an umbrella.

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Chinese are very fond of sports and exercise, and not just because the Olympics are coming to China. In many parks in China you can see people engaged in their daily exercises, like 太极拳 Taiqi, and other traditional forms of exercise. The best time to see this is in the early morning. Most people will be very welcoming if you want to join in and learn some moves yourself. Many parks also have exercise equipment and even ping pong tables or basketball hoops that are available for anyone to use. This is a great way to meet local residents and get some exercise.

Apart from exercising in hotels, you can also go to one of the many fitness clubs that are popular now, especially in the larger cities. Some of these are open for individual visits, or pay-as-you-go. Others may require some type of membership fee and annual dues.

If you check out some of the tourist magazines in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, you can also find running, bicycling and other sports clubs that are always looking for new members.

Substitution and Extension

1)要不 in that case


Why don't we go and have Shanghai food? Sichuan food is too hot.


(Xiaojie and Liu Yong are at the entrance to the fitness centre)

Staff:Hello, welcome!

Xiaojie:Can we use this card?

Staff:Yes, it’s a per-visit card.

Liu Yong:How many times can this card be used?

Staff:This card is for 30 visits.

Liu Yong:Can you come without a card?

Staff:Certainly, you can pay per visit with cash.

Xiaojie:Can the two of us use this card today?

Staff:Yes, two people would count as two visits.

Liu Yong:What facilities does the fitness center have?

Staff:Plenty, we have a swimming pool, bowling alley, table tennis hall, gym.

Liu Yong:Is there a sauna room?

Staff:Sure, we also have massage rooms, foot reflexogy room and more.

Xiaojie:That’s great! Let’s go in.

Staff:There’s a rest area over there, you can have a tea or coffee.

Liu Yong:Great, thank you.

Liu Yong:wher do you want to go first?

Xiaojie:How about we go bowling first?

Liu Yong:Sure, but I’m no good at bowling.

Xiaojie:Or what about playing table tennis?

Liu Yong:It’s up to you, I’m up for anything.

Xiaojie:I’m pretty good at table tennis, I used to play with my dad a lot when I was little.

Liu Yong:OK, let’s have a go, I’m Chinese you know!

Xiaojie:Stop bragging, let’s play!

(the two come out sweating from the table tennis room)

Xiaojie:I won!

Liu Yong:I’m exhausted, come on, have a break.

Liu Yong:Here, have some water.

Xiaojie:That was awesome.

(at the rest area)

Xiaojie:Do you know “Kung Fu”?

Liu Yong:“Kung Fu”?

Liu Yong:You’re talking about Martial Arts. That I don’t know.

Xiaojie:I thought all Chinese people knew Kung Fu!