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Lesson 14 Problems

Chinese Lover


1)而且 furthermore


It's relatively far from here to the downtown area, and what's more, the transportation isn't very convenient.


Not only can he drive a car, he also knows how to fix cars.


She can dance, and she also sings well.

2)派send or designate somebody


He was sent by his company.


We will send someone to contact you very quickly.


Don’t worry, we will send experts to mend the computer.

Substitution and Extension

1)越来越 more and more


He can say more and more.


Manager:Hello! I’m the housekeeping manager. I heard that there is a problem with your laundry.

Xuemei:Yes, my shirt wasn’t washed properly.

Manager:Oh, this is the soy sauce stain. We can wash that shirt again.

Xuemei:OK, Thank you.

Manager:Sorry about that. We can waive your laundry charges.

Xuemei:Great, thank you.

Manager:You’re welcome, see you later.

Xuemei:Sorry, I have another problem.

Manager:Go ahead.

Xuemei:The toilet in our room leaks and it’s getting worse.

Manager:I’m really sorry about that.

Xuemei:It’s already been two days. It’s very noisy when we try to sleep at night. Besides it’s a waste of water.

Manager:You’re right. We’ll send someone to fix it right away.