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Lesson 12 Hair-cut

Chinese Lover


1)也 also, showing two similar things


She speaks English and can also speak Japanese.


I've been to Shanghai and I've been to Beijing.

2)适合 be suitable


Green tea is more suitable for drinking in the summer.


The color of this clothing is not suitable for you.

3)更 even more


It rained all night. The weather is even colder now.


He knows a lot more about Chinese culture than I do.

Substitution and Extension

1)有(一)点儿 a little, slightly, often used to show something unsatisfactory


This hotel is a little far from the downtown area.


Today I'm a little bit uncomfortable.


Staff : Hello!Welcome!

Staff : Are you having your hair done or a beauty treatment?

Xuemei: A haircut.

Staff : We’ll give it a wash first!

Xuemei: Sure, what sort of wash?

Staff : We have dry and wet washes here.

Xuemei: How long is the dry wash?

Staff :It’s half an hour including the head massage.

Xuemei:OK, I’ll have a dry wash, just as well I’m a little tired.

(dry wash, head massage)

Staff:Come over here and we’ll give it a rinse.


Xuemei:The water is a little hot.

Staff : Sorry,I’ll adjust it. Is it alright now?

Xuemei: It’s fine.

Staff :It’s ready. Can you wait over there,a hairdresser will be with you shortly.

hairdresser:Hello, what sort of haircut would you like?

Xuemei:Keep the style, just cut it a bit shorter.

hairdresser:Keep the front even?

Xuemei:That’s right!Thin the two sides a little.

hairdresser:How much do you want off?

Xuemei:How much do I want off? wher?

hairdresser:Oh!As in “cut off”?

Xuemei:Cut off one centimetre,no no, take “off” one centimetre.


hairdresser:This hairstyle really suits you.

Xuemei:Thank you!

hairdresser:If you give it a slight perm it might look even better, would you like to try it?

Xuemei:No,I don’t like perms.

hairdresser:It’s ready, do you think it’s OK?

Xuemei: Can you make it a bit shorter at the back?

hairdresser: Sure, how does this look?

Xuemei:That’ll do!

hairdresser:Would you like your hair blowdried?

Xuemei:Yes please.

Xuemei:Thank you!wher do I pay?

Staff :At the counter over there, I’ll take you there.

Xuemei:Thanks!I’ll go there myself!

Staff :Sure.