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老师和教育Teacher & education

Chinese Lover

A sacred profession it is being a teacher. Throughout the upper latter five thousand years of history in China, teachers have been playing a leading role in social development.
Fu Xi, one of the earliest forefathers of the Chinese nation, is the earliest master. He taught people then how to get to know about Heaven and Earth and how to live in harmony with both. And his Eight Diagrams is the earliest teaching material.
Shen Nun, the second greatest teacher in history, made test on himself to differentiate what was edible and what toxic, thus to tell the people the edible from the toxic. He then taught the people how to plant those edible and how to raise silkworms for silk, thus to get the problems of food and clothing solved.
Confucius summed up all practical experiences of the earlier assentors, heightened them into a series of theories, and thus gave birth to Confucianism. He ran schools for people education, turned out a large number of capability and virtue and laid a firm foundation for the prosperity of the Chinese nation.
The first prosperity of the Chinese nation relied on the education, on teachers in particular. The rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is still relying on education, on the mass of teachers for certain. Every step forward to be made for the Chinese nation would have been be impossible without education, and education could have never be separated from the toiling of the teachers. True was it in history, so is it now, and so will it be in future.

Credit: Chinese Culture