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孔融让梨Kung Ring Leaving the Bigger Pears to His Elders

Chinese Lover


In the times of the East Han, there lived a four-years-old boy, named Kung Rung, the youngest of the family. One morning, his father bought back a bucket of pears. When seeing Kung Rung, the father picked out a biggest one and gave it to him. To the father’s surprise, the little boy hesitated first and then moved his head from side to side. Meanwhile he looked into the basket, put in his right hand and picked up a smallest pear from the basket. He told his father in a calm voice, saying, “Daddy, me, the youngest,  let me eat the smallest and leave those larger to my elders, please.” The father was at a loss about what to say for a long moment. A boy of merely four years old was always ready to think of his elders. What a good boy!

Credit: Chinese Culture