The reason that we can understand Chinese better

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    周汝佐 撰
    英語 華語出現臉書頻繁 見眾多人招呼 发言傳闻討論 主流溝通, 视频附之。
    English and Huáyǔ appear on FaceBook frequently. See many people greet, speak, relate, discuss, making up the concourse, videos supplement.
    我们来算中英句子用几许音节。华语卅个,英语卅五。这么讲 讲华语会稍快一点儿。
    来论说你听人家讲的话语 怎样会明白,这关键话题非常扼要啊!那当然是因为你听得的讯息传到耳朵啦。举例:当你听到”English” 这个字,它的两个音节,即是两个讯息传到你耳鼓,即懂是”English”这个字。
    当你听到华语 讲”英语”这两个字,传到耳鼓什么讯息呢?华语是种音调语言:每个字有音又有调,即是两个讯息。那么”英语”这两个字 载着四个讯息。整句卅个字传输60个讯息。
    上面说的廿个英文字 传输廿个讯息,只是华语句的三分之一。这也是说明你听华语比听英语得到的讯息多的机会多三成。
    Chinese uses 31 words, English uses 20. I’m amazed that the fewer English words convey the equivalent verbose Chinese. The ease of understanding is another query.
    Let’s count the syllables, Chinese 30, English 35. This merely means conveying the Chinese message slightly faster than English.
    Come discuss how we understand what others say; this is an extremely crucial topic! Certainly, it’s because of the information you hear. E.g., you hear the word “English” of two syllables, two bits o’ info to your ears, and you grasp “English.”
    When you hear Huáyǔ the two words “英语” to your ear drums, what info? Huáyǔ is a phonemic-tone language: each word carries phoneme and tone, two bits o’ info. Hence, the two words “英语” impart four bits o’ info; the 30 word Chinese sentence conveys 60 bits o’ info.
    The afore 20 English words, of course, convey 20 bits o’ info, 1/3 that of Chinese Huáyǔ. This clearly explains that you hear Huáyǔ, compared to English, more info, the receiving chance, 30% more.
    From this example, we can conclude: You easily understand Huàyǔ, the reason why has this basis.
    – jyz

    by Jow Yuzo from Learn Chinese

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