Handsome Father

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    “Handsome Father”:

    以后我有了儿子,我要给他起个名字叫 “好帅”。 别人看见了我,就会说 “好帅的爸爸”。🤣🤣🤣

    Yǐhòu wǒ yǒu le er zi, wǒ yào gěi tā qǐ gè míngzì jiào “hǎo shuài”。Biérén kànjiànle wǒ, jiù huì shuō “hǎo shuài de bàba” 。

    In future, if I have a son, I’ll give him HaoShuai (“handsome”). When other people see me, they will call me “Handsome Dad”(HaoShuai’s father).

    >Grammar point:
    In Chinese language, the character 的 is often used:
    1) to mark possession or modification
    Noun 1 + 的 + Noun 2
    E.g. 小明的爸爸 [Xiǎomíng de bàba]: Xiaoming’s father

    2) to attribute adjectives to nouns
    Adj. + 的 + Noun
    可爱的宝宝[kě’ài de bǎobǎo]: a cute baby

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