Chinese PinYin alphabet – First lesson (Consonants)

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    The writing of Pinyin is similar to English alphabet. Mandarin Chinese language has 21 consonants (initial) and 35 vowels (final).

    Initials: b, p, m, f, d, t, n, l, g, k, h, j, q, x, zh, ch, sh, r, z, c, s.

    Note: Never take the Pinyin letters as the same in your own language!

    1. b – sound: [b] .
    Note: Unaspirated p, like the p in spy, not the b in bye
    2. p – sound: [p] in “pay”
    3. m – sound: [m] in “mother”
    4. f – sound: [f] in “father”
    5. d – sound: [d] in “day”
    Note: Unaspirated t, like the t in sty, not the d in dog.
    6. t – sound: [t] in “time”
    7. n – sound: [n] in “noon”
    8. l – sound: [l] in “love”
    9. g – sound: [g] in “girl”
    Note: Unaspirated k, like the k in sky, not the g in good.
    10. k – sound: [k] in “kick”
    11. h – sound: [h] in “hurt”
    12. j – sound: [ge] in “genius”
    13. q – sound: [chea] in “cheap”
    14. x – sound: [shee] in “sheep”
    15. zh – sound: [j] in “just”
    16. ch – sound: [ch] in “chiken”
    17. sh – sound: [sh] in “sheep”
    18. r – sound: [r] in “road”
    Note: The ‘r’ sound in Chinese is a difficult sound to pronounce, because it’s really not the same as the ‘r’ in English at all. It is like the “j” in French “je”
    19. z – sound: [ds] in “beds”
    20. c – sound: [ts] in “cats”
    21. s – sound: [s] in “sit”

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