Wuhou Temple & Jinli
1. 诸葛亮真是个了不起的人。
Zhuge Liang really is an amazing person.
2. 锦里的建筑太美了,我都不想走了。
The architecture in Jinli is so beautiful that I don’t want to leave.
I bought sugar figures and pinwheels, and watched folk performances.

大概在1 800年前,中国大地上有三个国家,诸葛亮是位于四川的蜀 国的丞相。他一心为民,非常受人尊敬,成都的武侯祠就是四川人为了纪 念他而修建的。武侯祠的特别之处在于:它是中国唯一“君臣合祀”的祠 庙,里面同时供奉着刘备和诸葛亮。如果你想了解蜀汉文化,一定要去武侯祠看看。

About 1,800 years ago, there were three kingdoms in China. Zhuge Liang was the prime minister of the Kingdom of Shu in Sichuan. He dedicated himself to the people and was very well respected. The Wuhou Temple (also known as the Wuhou Shrine Temple of Marquis) in Chengdu was built by the Sichuan people to commemorate him. The distinguishing feature of the Wuhou Temple is that it is the only temple in China that worships both an emperor and a minister, and it enshrines Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang. If you want to learn about Shu Han culture, you have to go to the Wuhou Temple to take a look.

“锦里”的意思是卖锦的大街,它是四川历史最悠久的商业区之 一。这儿古树成群,花草茂盛。路边的茶楼、酒馆、戏台、客栈古色古 香,看起来有着满满的历史感。一道小溪围绕着古老的建筑群流淌,带来了不一样的风景。在石板路上散步,你能看到河水里映着漂亮的小 桥、屋檐、树影、灯影,这一切美得让人不想离开。

“Jinli” means “the street selling Jin (brocade)”. It is one of the oldest commercial districts in Sichuan. Here, the old trees are clustered together; the flowers and grass flourish. The roadside restaurants, pubs, opera stages, and inns look to be full of feelings of history. A small stream flows around the ancient buildings, bringing different scenery with them. Taking a walk on the stone road, you can see a beautiful, little bridge, eaves, shadows of trees, and light shadows in the river, all of which are so beautiful that people may not want to leave.

在锦里,你能观赏到传统婚礼、民乐演奏、民间服装秀等民俗表演; 也可以购买到四川民俗工艺品:糖人、糖画、泥塑、风车等等。每一种民 间艺术都充满了浓郁的生活气息。

At Jinli, you can watch folk performances such as traditional weddings, folk music, folk costume shows, etc. You can also buy Sichuan folk crafts: sugar figures (a traditional Chinese form of folk art using hot, liquid sugar to form three-dimensional figures), sugar paintings, clay sculptures, pinwheels, etc. Every kind of folk art is full of vivid life.

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