Mount Emei, Love Locks & Monkeys
1. 我站在峨眉山上,像不像站在云里?
I am standing on Mount Emei. Does it seem like I’m standing in the clouds?

2. 挂“同心锁”太浪漫了。
Hanging “love locks” is so romantic.

3. 猴子很可爱,但是得离它们远点儿。
Monkeys are very cute, but you have to keep your distance from them.

峨眉山是世界自然与文化双遗产。在古人看来,峨眉山像一个美丽的 女孩子,拥有云朵一样的头发和细细长长的眉毛,所以叫它“峨眉山”。 沿着石阶步步向上,犹如漫步在风景如画的长廊里;站在主峰金顶上,可 以看到浩瀚无际的白云在脚下翻滚,风景美丽极了。

Mount Emei is a World Heritage of Nature and Culture. In the eyes of the ancients, Mount Emei was just like a beautiful girl with cloud-like hair and long, thin eyebrows, so it has been called Mount Emei (The character for “mei” means “eyebrows”). Walking up along the stone steps is just like walking through the picturesque promenade; standing on the top of the main peak, the Golden Peak, you can see an endless expanse of white clouds rolling at your feet. The scenery is stunning.

情侣们来到峨眉山,一定要去同心锁栈道。这条栈道长约300米,位 于通往峨眉金顶的山路上。有很多情侣来到这里,把小小的同心锁挂在栈 道上,许下美好的愿望,期待他们的感情能够经历严寒酷暑,结出甜蜜的果实。可以说,这条栈道见证了无数浪漫的爱情故事。

Couples who come to Mount Emei have to go to the plank road of love locks. This plank road is about 300 meters long and is located on the mountain road leading to the Golden Peak of Emei. Many couples come here, hanging small love locks along the plank road, making good wishes, and looking forward to their romance enduring cold winters and hot summers (outliving the ups and downs of life) and bearing sweet fruits. It can be said that this plank road has witnessed countless romantic love stories.

峨眉山是2 300多种动物的家,最特 别的要数山里的猴子。它们成群结队地来 到游人聚集的山路边,不停地向游客索要食物。如果你来到峨眉山,最好不要在包里放吃的,更不要在猴子面前打开你的背包,否则,猴子会跳过来抢包中的物品。观赏猴子时一定要注意安全,要跟猴子保持一定的距离。
Mount Emei is home to more than 2,300 kinds of animals, the most special of which are the monkeys in the mountains. They come to the mountain roads where the tourists gather in groups, and keep asking the tourists for food nonstop. If you come to Mount Emei, it is best not to put food in
your bag and even more important not to open your backpack in front of the monkeys, otherwise the monkeys will jump over to grab the items in the bag. Be sure to mind your safety when watching monkeys, and maintain a certain distance from the monkeys.
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